No Long-Term Contracts

Most B2B SEO projects require a lot of work in the first few months. After that, the workload can vary significantly. We offer a flexible pricing model that reflects this reality. This pricing model allows us to work on profitable SEO opportunities when they exist without worrying about justifying a fixed monthly retainer.

Campaign Research

Keyword Research and Strategy Development

Every Porter Holloway project starts with a review of your industry, customers and your competitors. This is critical to running an effective SEO campaign. We get know your customers so we can anticipate how they search and the information they need. We analyze your competition to know their SEO strengths and weaknesses. We put this together in a comprehensive strategy for long-term growth in organic Google traffic.

  • Discover calls to learn about your business and industry.
  • Tools for uploading "voice of the customer" assets to help us better understand your market.
  • Keyword and independent industry research to discover search trends and buying habits.
Technical SEO

SEO Development Best Practices to Maximize Brand Value

We run your websites through an audit process the includes the items below.

  • Page load times: Faster load times are a well documented way to improve SEO performance. We audit your load times,and provide recommended improvements if needed.
  • Full website indexing: We use tools to simulate Google's indexing process to identify orphaned pages, redirect issues and errors.
  • Canonical analysis: We ensure your server is configured to serve web pages in a consistent way.
  • International SEO: Websites that server multiple languages can code language switchers and meta tags to make it easy for Google to determine website architecture across languages.