What Do Your Customers Want To Know?

Our first goal is to understand what information your target audience is looking for and why. We utilize keyword research tools and search trends to determine search volume. We also review customer surveys, web analytics and feedback from sales representatives to understand pain points that can by addressed with content marketing. It's also important to look at competitor content and understand which of their posts are ranking and pulling in traffic. We take all of this data and analyze it to determine the most profitable next step for your content marketing strategy.

Content Strategy

Our Strategy for Best-In-Class Content

We often see competitors with short, cursory articles ranking for highly profitable keywords. In these situations, a focused, in-depth article can ensure you differentiate yourself and deserve higher ranking. In some circumstances, using aggregated company data to deliver reports and unique insights can help your content clearly stand-out from the competition.

Keyword Research

We build content around keywords that your users search for. This ensures your content brings in free traffic long after its published.

Custom Graphics

CDPs import contact data from common sources such as AWS, SnowFlake and Azure, and merge data for all of your contacts.

Data and Reports

You can then send sync these segments to email lists, Google and Facebook ads audiences, your website and more.